:after and :before css pseudo elements hack for IE 7


This document describe a hack to simulate :after and :before css pseudo elements in IE 7.

CSS pseudo elements :after and :before are not supported by IE 7 and if you need to offer the same user experience in as many browsers as possible (included legacy ones) without creating extra code (css/javascript/html/etc), you can use this technique I found in Stack Overflow.

Kudos to the user vieron who found this hack!!.

See the original answer on the next link: :after and :before css pseudo elements hack for IE 7

css hack within an example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" class="no-js">

            .teaser {
                *zoom: expression( 
                    this.appendChild( document.createElement("small") ).className="after"

            .teaser .after {
                content: '';

        <div class="teaser">

In the example the idea is simple, add a "block" after an element with the class "tabs" in this case a <div>, in modern browsers there is no problem using .teaser:after { }, and for IE 7 the magic occurs inside *zoom: expression() (lines 7-10) that creates and adds a new element of the type "small" with the class name "after", now all you need to do is extend the css rule so now can be applied to .teaser:after and .teaser .after { } (lines 13-20)

Hope you find this information useful!!

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