Bootcamp - How to configure Windows 7 in a Mac


This library will describe the process as well as some of the obstacles you will find when configuring windows on your Mac Book Pro (Normal and Retina.) Without virtualization.

If you are like me, you want the facts upfront and the details only if the idea is interesting.  Follow only the bold typefaces if you only want the summary version.

This guide is for Windows 7 x64 Professional.

Things you should know before you begin:

  • There is a severe interference between the bluetooth and the WiFi signals in retina Mac Books. If you are transmitting information, your magic mouse will be jittery, drop stuff while dragging, etc. This is a flaw that is better taken care for on OS X but still visible.  Try using WiFi, BTHeadset, magic mouse and pad and you will see your WiFi performance drop along with your mouse jittering and voice crackling. I read something about the WiFi and BT hardware being on the same card but really don't know.  I just can say about the results.
  • Thunder bolt devices do work. You can connect them after your windows has launched but you can only disconnect them only once.  After that, connecting/disconnecting thunderbolt devices will be shaky at best, totally dis-functional at worst.
  • Audio jack function is limited. The mac book pro uses the same jack for phone and microphone, just like the iPad and iPhone do.  On windows, the audio driver fails to recognize that a microphone is connected so you are stuck with the on-board microphone. A Bluetooth headset could be an alternative but Bluetooth does not work properly on retina Macs. (see below)
  • Bluetooth support is limited on retina MBP's:  Broadcomm provides fixed drivers for the regular MBP but the retina is yet not supported, It works but your peripheral device needs its own drivers disk to make it work.
  • Disk Partitions are limited:  OSX, recovery and EFI partitions for Mac take 3 active partitions in the disk.  Windows can only be installed on the remaining (4th) type Active Bootcamp partition so there is no Bootcamp compatible way to add more partitions for data unless you add more hard drives.

These things aside, I can say that Windows runs faster on Mac and your Mac runs faster with Windows.  If Apple took care of these small details, a Windows based Mac would be THE high-end  workstation of choice for the Enterprise.

Table of contents:


Preparing to install

Installing Windows 7

Post-installation tasks


Making room for your bootcamp partition

Linking your document libraries from Mac OSX to Windows

Setting up Airprint