Difference between Remote Action Plugin and Authoring Tools in Portal 8

Use the RemoteAction plug-in to reference remote actions from your web content. Remote actions enable you to trigger actions that are typically performed with the authoring portlet, such as creating and editing items and generating views.

What is the difference between this and the Autoring Tools in WCM?

The remote action plugin gives you many more options to configure exactly what happens and how. IBM has some good documentation on Using remote actions in Portal 8

You can reference remote actions using plug-in tags with the following format:

 [plugin:<span translate="0">RemoteAction</span> action=" " docid=" " 
useCurrentSelection=" " dialog=" " useCurrentContext=" "]
  • action= 
    This attribute is the remote action to perform.
  • docid=
    This attribute is the document ID of the item to run the remote action against.
  • useCurrentContext= 
    If set to true, then the document ID is obtained form the rendering context instead of the docid attribute.
  • dialog=true   If this attribute is set to true, when rendered within a web content viewer, the remote action is rendered as a URL. The URL redirects the user to a hidden portal page that is used by the viewer for inline editing.

This example demonstrates a "new" action to create a content item:

 [plugin:RemoteAction action="new" 
wcmfield.autosave="true" wcmfield.saveValidate="true" ] 

For details on the remote actions that you can access with plug-in tags, see