Git is one of the best Version Control Systems (VCS) that we have currently, it allows us to manage and control our code in a very useful and easy way. It is completely distributed and it can be used into different could platforms like Github, Atlassian Bitbucket and Atlassian Stash (the enterprise version of Bitbucket).

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This is the presentation Alex-Arriaga-Git-knowing-a-better-world.pdf we used during the first workshop related with Git in Monterrey Base22's office (we have a set of videos in spanish about it, if you want to obtain a copy, just let us know).

¿What are the tasks of a Version Control System (VCS)?

  • Manage versions of the code
  • Compare a version with other – Merge branches
  • Restore any code you need!
  • Work with teams around the world (social- coding)

Git, why is it different?

  • Distributed (good bye CVS/SVN)
  • Inspired by BitKeeper©
  • Great performance for huge projects(don’t believe, Linux Kernel is using it, right now)
  • Nobody is more important than others (non- centralized repository)

How to install Git on Mac OSX

Install process of Git on Mac OSX is really simple just download the latest version of it from this url and follow the instructions:

When the process finishes open a terminal and type next command

git --version

If everything was fine, you will see an output like this:

git version (Apple Git-48)

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