HCL (IBM) WCM Portal Show Access Roles for Libraries Utility JSP

Tested on WebSphere Portal 8.5 and v9.0. May require modification to work on virtual portals.

Use the following utility JSP to iterate through all the libraries on the base Portal and check the access roles. The JSP utilizes the WCM API to generate a HTML report with access roles defined and the member of that role for each library.  Useful for doing audits or as a reference to build a new environment.

To use:


  • Download and extract the ZIP file
  • Place the JSP under <Profile Root>\installedApps\<nodename>\wcm.ear\ilwwcm.war\jsp\html
    • Note that this DOES NOT go in the WCM Authoring UI portlet war or the Local Rendering Portlet war. If you cannot find the wcm.ear, you're probably looking at the node level instead of the cell level or something like that.
  • Access it (execute it) by using the following URL: http://<hostname>:<port>/wps/wcm/jsp/html/showLibAccess.jsp
  • Click on the link "Library Permission Role Access Details"

When the utility runs successfully, you should see the following output in the returned HTML page: