How to add Google Tag Manager to IBM WCM

Note: If you don't know how to install or setup Google Tag Manager follow this tutorial: "How to setup Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics"

Adding Google Tag Manager to you WCM site is fairly simple. The best approach to do this is include the GTM script on component that is rendered in all your pages, making easier to track all your website by just adding the GTM script once.

Step-by-step guide

In this case the GTM script will be included in the bottom of the <head>, this won't cause problems if it's the last element before the start of the <body>

  1. Go to "Web Content Authoring" and open the Library Explorer
  2. Open the library where is the component in which you will paste your GTM tag, in this case we will paste it on the bottom of the <head>
  3. Edit the component and add the GTM tag at the end of the element.

  4. Save the changes on the component and then go to your site, inspect the code and make sure that the GTM tag is written in the right place. Remember that in the case of this tutorial the GTM script was written at the bottom of the head tag.

  5. If the element is written in the right place the GTM should work as desired. Check the active session in Google Analytics Dashboard.