How to create a section using the Site Builder - IBM Web Content Manager

Site Builder is an application that can be used to create site templates or section templates for use with IBM┬« WebSphere┬«. This guide contains the steps required to create a section using the Site Builder.

Creating the content structure

First, you need to create the content structure of your section template. For example, a "News" section could be re-usable in many sites. You need to create the Site areas, content, and components structure needed by your section.


We create a site area called "News" and inside of it, some content like the Landing Page and other default content.

This content will be copied into the site where we want to insert the "News" section.

Create the Page Template.

We need to create the Page Template inside the Page Templates label in the Manage Pages section.

  • Open Portal Administration
  • Go to Manage Pages
  • Move to Content Root > Hidden Pages > Page Templates
  • Click on "New page"

  • Fill the Title and Unique Name fields.
  • Click on Ok
  • Click on Edit Page Properties of your new Page Template

  • Expand "Advanced Options"
  • Click on "I want to edit associations"

  • On the modal, click on Add Web Content
  • Select your site area content template.
  • Be sure you select the right content.

  • If you see a warning prompt click on "Yes"

  • Click on Edit Page Layout

  • Click on "Add portlets".
  • Select the Web Content Viewer portlet. Then click OK.

  • Click "Done" and click again on "Edit Page Layout".
  • Open the "Edit Shared Settings"

  • On "Content Section" be sure the Content associated is the content of your page template.

Setting the Page Layout

In order to change the page layout inside the Portal Administration, you can use the Site toolbar to make the change easier:

  • To make this, enter to Portal User Interface > Page Templates.
  • Then open the Site toolbar and open the page settings of your page template.

Create the Section Template

Open "Site Builder" in the "Applications" drop-down menu.

To create a new Section Template click on "Create Section Template".

Fill the required fields. If you use components or elements in another library you must select them in the Required Libraries field.

On "Site Structure" you can create the new structure, here you can select the Page Templates available. Select your Page Template and edit the page attributes.

If you want to customize the Site Experience you can make the changes. If everything is ok, click on "Save as Draft" to save the changes or "Publish and Close" to publish the new section template. 

Insert a Section using the Site Builder

Open "Site Builder" in the "Applications" drop-down menu.

Look for your template. Then click on "Launch Section Wizard".

You need to select the Section Location where the new section will be. Click on "Select"

Select the location of your new section. Then click on "Select Location" and finally click on "Create Section".

A confirmation modal will be prompted. Click on OK if you agree.

This operation can take a couple of minutes.

You can see the creation status on the Creation Status sub-section. Once it's completed you can go to the new Section.

A copy of the content associated with the Page Template will be copied to the Site Area associated with the Selected Location before.