IBM Portal and WCM Redirect to Image on login


User session times out and user is promoted to log back in. When they do, the see only a single image, or icon, or css file or javascript file.


It has to do with the way portal handles sessions. This issue can happen with any content management system and is not unique to IBM. We've seen the exact same on Drupal, Atlassian Confluence, and others. It is caused because the portal does not prompt the user to login till the request a secure resource. In many cases, the html of the page may be cached locally so it is not till the browser hits its first real request for a secure resource that it prompts the user to login. At that point, the portal is configured to redirect you to the resource you requested. If the resource is an image, then that's where you go.


The solution is to tell the portal to catch requests to resources, and redirect the user to the home page. We can not know for sure where the user wanted to go, but we can be fairly sure they did not login just to get an out of context image or css file.

  1. Login to the WAS Admin server (or DMGR if your environment is clustered) 
  2. Navigate to Resources --> Resources Environment Providers 
  3. Click on WP ConfigService --> Custom Properties 
  4. For the property redirect.login, set this value to "true" if not already done so. Save changes. 
  5. Navigate to Resources --> Resources Environment Providers 
  6. Click on WP Authentication Service --> Custom Properties 
  7. Create the following new property login.explicit.filterchain with value:
  8. Create the following new property with value .*myconnect.*
  9. Save changes. 
  10. Restart the Portal server (or servers in a cluster). A restart of the DMGR/WAS server is not required. 
  11. Test and let me know results in the comments!