IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere Portal is a popular enterprise software solution that gives you the ability to create and publish a wide range of websites and applications. The portal can best be described as a collection of software rather than just a single piece of software. 

Key Features of WebSphere Portal (among other things)

  • An Interface for creating web pages
  • A robust content management (IBM Web Content Management)
  • Ability to secure whole portals, sites, pages, parts of pages, or even individual links
  • User and Group administration
  • Business workflows 
  • Tools for administration and development
  • A built in search engine
  • Personalization rules engine
  • Impersonation (enabling customer support to impersonate a user)
  • Development paths for integration of just about any kind of software system you can imagine
  • Tools and services for clustering and load balancing (for performance)
  • Syndication and deployment tools (for setting up multiple environments such as separate instances Dev, QA, Production)
  • Application Sandboxing (Portlets)
  • Multi-language capabilities 

The list goes on and on. While the capabilities of Portal are top notch, all this flexibility leads to a certain amount of unavoidable complexity. IBM has made great strides in recent versions to increase the out-of-the-box readiness of the platform. 

Articles and Troubleshooting Guides

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