MacBook Pro's trackpad stops recognizing gestures

Mac computers are almost perfect (and of course better than PC) but sometimes they have bugs. One of them is an unresponsive trackpad in a MacBook Pro. Sometimes the trackpad doesn't recognize a gesture, sometimes it only responds to a click and not to double clicks, etc. The symptoms may vary but the problem is the same: Trackpad is not working as it should.

This is a solution with no scientific background or explanation, just do it:

  1. Go to System Preferences of Mac OS X.
  2. Open "Energy Saver" pane.
  3. Look for the "Graphics" section and choose the opposite of what is selected: If "Better battery life" is selected the select "Higher Performance" or vice versa.
  4. Log out and log in again.

Now the trackpad should be working and if you want you can go to the "Energy Saver" pane again and configure it as you want.