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IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0 live demo
This demonstration enables you and your audience to experience first hand, the latest features of IBM WebSphere Portal. You can educate yourself on the latest portal features and demonstrate them to your customers on their premises. The demonstration includes step-by-step scenarios and screen recordings that show portal integration.


Best practices for using IBM Workplace Web Content Management V6
A compilation of tips and guidelines from Services, Development, and Support experts; applies only to V6.0.x levels of Workplace Web Content Management; other versions may not have the same best practices.

For developers and content managers

WCM Adding Categories to User Profile at runtime using DynamicMapper
This document helps you understand how to use the DynamicMapper sample (provided with WCM) to pull categories based on the user's group membership, and add those categories to the WCM user profile. You can then profile content in WCM based on the user's group membership. - post in WebSphere Portal Family wiki by Christopher Knight

WCM Best Practices: naming conventions, Pierre Chauvin's Blog - a nice chart of naming conventions for WCM items.

IBM Workplace Web Content Management zone for developers
Get product information, downloads, and learning resources in one handy dashboard.

Understanding syndication in IBM Workplace Web Content Management
IBM developerWorks - Everything you want to know about syndication in IBM Workplace Web Content Management, including the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol, syndication's internals, and syndication configuration in Workplace Web Content Management V6 and earlier versions

End-to-End Web Content in WebSphere Portal using Web Content Management 6.0
IBM developerWorks - Learn how to define, create and edit content in a portlet using WPS 6. This article uses many of the new user interface and authoring features available in V6.0 such as, authoring template enhancements, in line Edit, link components, and new component types.

IBM Lotus Web Content Management: Tracings and common exceptions
WebSphere Portal Family wiki - There are a number of tools and resources available to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues with IBM Lotus Web Content Management, and one of the most powerful is logging and tracing. This document explains how to enable traces, what trace strings need to be enabled in different situations, and how to resolve some of the most common exceptions occurring for Web Content Management software.


Multi-locale site management with IBM Workplace Web Content Management
IBM developerWorks - Learn how to build a suitable multi-locale solution for your Web sites.

Implementing multilingual sites using IBM Workplace Web Content Management in IBM WebSphere Portal
IBM developerWorks, With IBM Workplace Web Content Management, you can build sites that serve content in different languages. Combined with the capabilities of the underlying IBM WebSphere Portal personalization engine, Workplace Web Content Management can deliver content that is personalized based on user preferences.

WCM Blogs, Wikis, Groups, and Feeds

IBM Workplace Web Content Management Best Practices wiki
Learn about best practices for deploying and using Web Content Management

Little Pink WebSphere World
Fernanda Silveira's blog covering WCM related topics.

Tork Wrench
A blog described as "Things I learnt today, working on IBM Lotus Web Content Management."

Workplace Web Content Management Discussion Forum
A discussion forum for both the Domino and Java editions of Workplace Web Content Management.

Page: All the IBM WCM 6.1.5 Authoring Template Elements Page: All the IBM WCM 7 Tags Page: All the WCM 6.1.5 tags Page: Build a menu in WCM with a nested bulleted list Page: Changing workflow security on existing content Page: CTCv3 Notes and Lessons Learned Page: Difference between Remote Action Plugin and Authoring Tools in Portal 8 Page: Ephox EditLive OEM Edition for IBM Lotus Web Content Management (WCM) version 6.1 Page: Fixing WCM Syndication issues. Page: How to create a section using the Site Builder - IBM Web Content Manager Page: How to customize Ephox Page: How to customize styles drop-down menu on Page: How to eliminate Java security warnings caused by the Ephox editor Page: How to enable syndication tracing for Lotus Web Content Management in WebSphere Portal Page: How to Export Libraries in WCM 6 Page: How to integrate a video player in WCM 8 (authoring template + presentation template + resources) Page: How to override the Web Content Management (WCM) presentation template by URL parameter in v6 from anchor Page: How to preview the correct version of a style resource when you are working in IBM WCM Projects Page: How to Set the Title of a WebSphere Portal Page from WCM Content Title Page: IBM Lotus Web Content Management (WCM) 6.1 Clear Caches JSP Utility Page: IBM WCM Date Formatting Page: IBM WCM id in URLs interpreted like phone number on mobile Safari (iOS devices) Page: Implement an easy way for authors to insert videos in WCM 6 and above Page: Keeping versions of a website with IBM WCM Page: Lotus Web Content Management Cheat Sheet Page: Lunch Bytes - Developing Websites Using IBM Workplace Web Content Management Page: Personalization Rules in IBM WCM and Portal 6,7,8 Page: Portal 8 Tagging and Rating Center - Customize the Appearance Page: Reset-event-log Procedure for Repairing Web Content Syndication Page: Using and Previewing Projects in IBM WCM Portal 8 Page: WCM 5.1 Comprehensive Content Inventory Page: WCM Commenting Conventions Page: Page: WCM Naming Conventions Page: WCM Tips Page: Web Content Integrator - Deleting Items Page: Web Content Integrator - Feed Configurations - Status Page: Why Can't I See the "Approve" Link in an Authoring Tool Element?

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